I was filling in the holes | Charles Burns discusses Tintin’s influence

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Charles Burns talked to The New Yorker about the influence Herge’s Tintin had on his X’ed Out trilogy:

The format of the three hardcovers is based on Tintin in its Franco-Belgian comics album format… Luckily, I had those books growing up. When I was five years old—I couldn’t even read yet—my Dad, who went to bookstores and libraries all the time, brought back one of those early Tintin books for me. It felt like the first book that was just my own…

Eventually, when they started being imported to the U.S., I found the British translations, but it took a long time. So as a kid looking at the books, I was filling in the holes, the missing pieces—kind of making up my own stories, I guess—looking at the back cover and seeing images that didn’t appear in the stories I knew. Now, the book I made—all three books—feels complete to me…

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The BFG, Roald Dahl’s Love Letter to His Lost Daughter

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20140706-210704-76024020.jpgRoald Dahl’s 1982 children’s classic The BFG begins with a dedication to the author’s daughter: “For Olivia: 20th April 1955 — 17th November 1962.”

If I had noticed the dedication when I first read The BFG as a child, I certainly didn’t think about it then. The slim sad range of those dates would have meant nothing to me, eager as I was to dig into a book about child-eating giants, secure in my own childish immortality. However, when I started reading the book with my daughter, the dedication howled out to me, thoroughly coloring the lens through which I read.

Had Olivia Twenty Dahl not died from measles encephalitis at only seven, had she continued to live to be alive now, she would be approaching her sixtieth birthday. But because she died as a seven-year-old little girl, she remained a seven-year-old little girl to me, the reader, who saw her spirit under every page. 


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lately, i havent been in a good shape,

i keep  thinking about my health…

am i being stressed?

or just over reacted?

i have been in migraines lately, i dunno why..

i had my first MRI, and i cried for secs..


beneath in my hearth..

i just want to moving on aka..

i want to resign…

i want to do something with art..

and just drawing…


can i?

im happy being as an illustrator…

Dear God,

enlightened me.. to a better Path. a fresh one,

a new better one, with  Your Blessings…

and also my parents..

aamiin yra.


..How r u?

There’s a time when you just started missing a person, for whole lifetime..you start thinking.. Whether this person is your soul or not.. You just have to accept everything in the past..and not dwelling but moving on. Because you know, somewhere, somedays.. This person always praying for you for good reasons.. To keep that in my mind..

I wish you well, healthy, and let the spirit of joy and happiness..always be within you..

A letter to you and myself, no matter how worst a day is, cruel people around, you see.. It’s not just out there but also inside ours..

Always keep praying and believe God and your loved ones always beside and stick with you..

Keep the good faith, always..

:’) see u around..

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Five Factors In Building Giants Of The Big Data Era

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Editor’s note: Navin Chaddha is managing director of Mayfield, an early-stage venture capital firm. Some of the companies he is currently championing include Gigya, Elastica, Lyft, MapR and Poshmark.

As we enter the second half of 2014, it would be fair to say that big data has gone mainstream, attracting coffee table books, multiple industry landscapes, consumer applications, and large amounts of funding. Having seen many technology cycles during our 45 years in venture capital — including the birth of the PC era, the transition to client-server computing and then web-based computing, and the emergence of the cloud and SaaS models — we have pattern recognition on what it takes for a company to go from startup to leader.

Here are some observations we’ve made about what it would take to build a lasting big data company:

1. Transition from a platform to an ecosystem

One of the…

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Robin Williams Remembered: A Moviegoer’s Greatest Dad

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It seems entirely appropriate that my first viewing of “Aladdin” (1992) remains one of my most vivid impressions of Robin Williams onscreen, even if isn’t actually Robin Williams onscreen. Or is it? Animation, allowing for all manner of strange transformations and surreal flights of fancy, was in some ways an ideal medium for this endlessly inventive performer, and in this spirited Disney fantasy it granted him a funnyman showcase of inexhaustible cleverness and dexterity. For someone who was only 9 at the time, it also provided an early understanding of what people meant when they talked about “a Robin Williams performance.” To see and hear that big blue Genie today — morphing from one form to the next with dizzying speed, tossing off merry quips, goofy accents and fourth-wall-shattering asides — is to behold a rapid-fire comic imagination fully liberated from the dull, colorless parameters of live-action. Here, at last, was a movie that could…

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i peeked my blog again, 

just to play this song.. 


yesterday, a glance of you, 

came thru my minds..

somehow..all the quick memories,

shortly came. and things are just..


i didn’t make any wishes, again.

because i knew we knew already..

the answers.

but then again. it felt empty. 

and just blanked. 

just nothing thought. 

i guess, it’s the time when we know..

we just have to moving on..

wonder, if you had the same feeling..

or the same moment that day..

i know, some days.. we are still connected..

i guess.. we’re both happy now.